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Sandee firmly believes it is never too late to start a yoga practice. Although coming to the yoga mat at various times in her life, it didn't resonate with her until her mid 40's, when she came to heal from emotional and physical pain. As she physically healed, she found unexpected gifts of love, patience and acceptance. Sandee completed her 200 hour Bhakti Flow yoga teacher training with Gopa Rusty Wells in San Francisco, and has since completed another 100 hours of Advanced Bhakti Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Rusty.   She continues to study advanced training with Rusty as she works towards 500 hours.  Additionally, Sandee completed a Primary Series Teacher Training with Tim Miller in the Ashtanga Yoga method and  lineage.  Sandee is forever the student- studied yoga philosophy and completed a teacher mentorship with PDX based teacher Matt Nelson, and 50 hours of Yoga Sutras study with Khristine Jones ( Founder, Yoga Punx)  and Martin Scott- San Francisco.  She is heading to India late January to study Ashtanga for 5 weeks, and bring back to the Shala all she learns in service.   Sandee practices with when she can and studies with  Founder of Yoga Punx Khristine Jones. Sandee is a co - founder and teacher with Yoga Punx PDX.  Sandee practices Mysore style Ashtanga with many different teachers, and continues her study of Bhakti Flow.

In addition to teaching Yoga Punx, you can find Sandee teaching at Burning Spirits Yoga, Pacific Northwest College of Art, on the road as she and her person Ami Lawless embark on the Yoga Punx world tour, and other pop up locations.  Sandee is available for a new teacher mentorship program for those wanting to deep dive into teaching with their voice, heart and soul.  Sandee recently launched 200 hour Yoga Teacher training- diving deep into heart-centered practice, beyond the physical.  The Heart of Vinyasa Yoga School ( 200 hour Program)  scheduled for May and June 2018.  Email for details. 

Sandee's classes are described as a vigorous vinyasa flow, fun filled Devotion with inspiration. Sandee strives to connect with her students and meet them where they are. All are welcome. To give back what has been so freely given she volunteers her time teaching elders who reside in nursing homes, the staff who dedicatedly serve those residents,  and women who are new to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Sandee is available for private lessons, group, and work place classes.

You can find Sandee Lawless on Instagram, Twitter,  and Facebook —- and follow her playlists on Spotify




I started studying yoga in 2014 under Sandee Lawless and her Bhakti flow.  It was through her devotion that I learned what yoga was really about and knew instantly it would support the other changes in my life.  I had been active in the meditation communities around Portland and when yoga came around, it helped me focus my attention to expanding my personal studies and providing space for others to sit and learn from each other.  My favorite practice is Yin because it allows me to let go and fall into the poses vs. worrying about the mechanics.  I question most rules and prefer to truck along listening to my body and soul in all my practices. 

This next year I’ll continue to expand my Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin practices as I dive deeper into exploring meditation and breathing techniques.  Incorporating the path laid out in Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras in my everyday life.




Yogi, dancer, eternal student of life! My love of movement began long before I even understood the vast healing energies it conjours. Swaying with the trees in my backyard as a girl, feeling the current of water while standing waist deep in a river, weeping tears of gratitude in child’s pose from experiencing the break through of stagnant energy while doing yoga for the first time via DVD – with one of my favorite yogis – Baron Baptiste.

Once I understood that yoga // movement is a fluid and filters out old energy and patterns – I was instantly hooked on the feeling and the beauty of focused clarity it provided. Not to mention the strong, healthy body it also sculpts! Double score!! My compassionate being is compelled to share the joy and truth I find within my personal yoga practice with others, to share knowledge for the whole – so I trained to gain my 200 RYT certification and here I am, present moment – ready to share. My class style is vinyasa flow fused with elements of Bikram, Iyengar, and Karma yoga – (taking the lessons off the mat and into the world!) – a constant flux of inspired yogic phrases which include movement and stillness, strength and softness, breath and embodiment, strength and focus, fight and beauty. Look forward to seeing you in class and in the community!






I came to yoga in the midst of recovery from addiction and seeking mental, emotional, and physical healing. A friend introduced me to Yoga Punx and the moment I was able to feel the strength of Warrior II while at the same time listening to Blondie - I was hooked. I began a regular practice in the fall of 2016 which helped me move from diagnosed generalized anxiety and depression into living with, dare say, joy. There is an inner strength that I have found on the mat that I am thrilled and honored to hold space space for while others discover that in themselves. Training under the guidance of Sandee Lawless in Bhakti Flow Yoga, I am very much a student with so much to learn and excited to share the benefits of this practice along the way. I find I am best able to forget self by being of service and hope to do so through community practices. Start where you are at, come as you are! Showing up in itself is much of battle, I'll be there cheering you on or practicing beside you in one of the many classes at Burning Spirits Yoga.




Sat Narayan


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adam andrews johnson

Adam has been teaching yoga for more than 11 years and has shared his practice in over 5000 classes. His training was in free-flowing ashtanga inspired vinyasa, with a heavy influence on yin. He also had extensive training in anusara and alignment based practices, and is particularly focused on the transitioning between poses. He teaches that the movements leading to and from postures are just as important as the poses themselves. 

Adam’s classes are playful and spontaneous with recognizable music; singing along is not discouraged! All levels of students are welcome in his practice, and he offers variations to accommodate everyone from the beginner, to the student who is looking to challenge themselves with arm balances and inversions. Finally, Adam finishes all his classes by serenading the students, playing guitar and singing as they rest in savasana. New to this yoga scene in 2018, he is excited to share his practice with Portland! 


Sat Narayan Singh

Sat Narayan Singh (Nick Mattos) has practiced Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan for over half his life. He is a student of the Northwest Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training cohort of 2018, and a certified Hatha Yoga instructor through Evolation Yoga. He is also the Director of Vanishing Point Fellowship, a group of teachers and healers bringing effective, accessible metaphysical tools to diverse individuals and communities. He prays that he may be a clear channel for these beautiful teachings, and that each of his students may connect with the Teacher within themselves through their practice.


Michelle Naglis

I am a recent-ish Portland transplant, following a sense of adventure and a craving for change from the east to west coast in a van with my partner and my sweet pup! I love to learn, explore and travel in my free time, always with a heavy dose of wonder and reverence for the natural world and the beautiful, wild and wonderful outdoors. I completed my RYT 200 hour program in Florida during a period of much needed change in my life, knowing that wherever this program led me, this was something I needed to explore deeper. But the learning never, ever stops! My yoga practice continues to expand, evolve and grow everyday. I am humbled and excited to share yoga with anyone and everyone I meet, knowing that yoga has changed and improved my life in more ways than I can probably count on my fingers (and toes?!).