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Yoga Bija Vinyasa

I invite you to join me for Yoga Bija Vinyasa.
We’ll open practice with a meditative heart-mind coherence, moving into a fluid heart opening movement (Asana) practice and seal our time with a deeply rejuvenating shivasa with (optional) therapeutic craniosacral adjustments to calm and reset the healing systems of the body. 
What is Yoga Bija? 
Yoga Bija (starting point/ origin space of all creation and vibratory resonance) is a mosaic of all movement, physical and energetic, sacred and elemental, intuitive and structured, fluid and static. It’s a mantra, mudra (full body and hand), mindfulness meditation based approach to strength, length, flexibility and is geared towards release of old rigid thought, emotion, and action patterns, while easing in new pathways to travel and refine. Encourages freedom and peace in all aspects of mind, body, spirit- beginning within and manifesting outwards. Geared towards all those interested in cultivating space for life (breath, spirit, prana) to flow in and out with ease, beauty, and truth through an empowering Slow Flow Yoga practice with Yin style release weaved in throughout, honoring the natural rhythm of life, of breath, of, expand/contract, life/death that sets a nurturing tone to the nervous system. 
Curious about or new to yoga...? Great! 
No experience necessary! All levels/ no levels. Come as you are. All are welcome. Bring a friend~

Sunday April 1st at 3-4:30 at Burning Spirits Yoga
Class is $12. Class pass accepted.