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Ashtanga Led Primary with Yoga Punx Founder Khristine Jones

This set therapeutic sequence  is a progression of postures which promote both strength and flexibility. These postures and the vinyasas between them build internal heat  . It is said that the practice has significant benefits on a number of levels. Mentally, the primary series builds willpower, focus and mind-body awareness. Physically, it strengthens, improves flexibility and detoxifies the organs. Energetically, the poses clear obstacles to free the flow of energy in the nadis, or energy channels of the body. In this workshop we will go over the basic method of Ashtanga yoga and break apart aspects of the series. Sun salutations, transitions , peak poses and inversions. 

Yoga has been a part of Khristines life for over 13 years, and The practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires her to live in the moment more mindfully and aware.She believes through this awareness we get to see our selfs and the world more clearly. she is eternally grateful for the refuge of the practice
Khristine a former social worker found yoga as a way of self care and  through this journey the holistic nature of the practice transformed her life in every way and led her to teaching for the past 8 years . Khristine is an Ashtanga and vinyasa teacher and is the founder of Yoga Punx started in SanFransisco, Ca. Khristine creates a space that is supportive and welcoming and where you can be yourself. The practice of yoga has transformed her life, and she teaches from that place. She also believes in being a student first and paying omige to her teachers who have transmitted the beautiful teaching to her. Thank you Sharath Jois, Devorah Sacks, Stephanie Snyder and Steve Dwelly. Use link in Calendar and pre- register today