Reflections from the Mat with Melodee Calderon

Arm balances are mostly core. Draw your awareness to pulling it all in towards center and up. Voila...! Or at least working towards that. Also...arm balances require much humor....aannndd falling on your face *might* happen.. Reflections from the mat. Day 2: My yoga mat is green. Symbolic for Anahata / heart chakra. My mat has wear marks at top and bottom and has seen my smiles and held my tears as I open myself, my heart to the practice of bringing it all to the mat. We work it out together. We tight like that. Reflections from the mat. Day 3: Resist your resistances! Doubt your doubts! Stepping onto the mat is 1/2 the battle. Just begin. Sometimes just getting out of our own way mentally is the "aha" moment we need to take us from nowhere to now here in a pose, in life. Just keep breathing and finally it clicks when we stop trying hard...and try easy instead. All-ways with grace.  

Chelsey Fowler