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After Bhakti’s first Integral Yoga class in the mid 90s, she knew right away she was hooked.

Since then, her love for yoga and Ayurveda medicine has continued to deepen and mature.

Bhakti is a graduate in Integral Yoga through the Satchidananda Ashram. She has studied yoga and Ayurveda with a medley of teachers and give sincere thanks to each of them. Bhaktihas spent much time in India practicing, teaching, and learning yoga and Ayurveda traditions. She received her 650 hours as an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor in 2012 and then went on to complete an additional 1000 hours as an Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner in Kerala and Banglore in 2018.

Bhakti has led many Yoga Retreats to India, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. She owned Shanti Om Yoga in Staunton, Virginia and in Portland, Oregon for over 15 years combined and has supported an orphanage in India, Families for Children, all of these years. She now lives in Costa Rica where she runs a bed and breakfast with her husband and continues to offer Yoga and Ayurveda services. She is excited to visit Portland each year to see her two sons and continue to teach workshops!