Mysore- Style Ashtanga

Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally learned and practiced in what is known as the Mysore Style, named after the city in southern India from whence it comes. Rather than leading the class verbally together as one group, in the Mysore classroom the teacher provides personalized attention, guidance, and support. Sometimes that means simply holding the space for students to delve deeply into the internal aspects of the practice via the breath, the drsti, the asana, and the vinyasa. Practitioners of the Ashtanga method memorize the sequence of postures and move at their own pace. In the quiet, focused Mysore shala we experience the practice as a kind of moving meditation. Mysore class is appropriate for all levels of student, from complete beginner to advanced. The practice is tailored to the individual, and learned slowly, over time. As students become proficient at, and integrate each posture, they proceed further through the series. While Ashtanga can be quite vigorous and challenging, this type of class ensures that students practice safely at the appropriate level, and can make modifications when necessary. The practice can be approached therapeutically, athletically, meditatively, or all of the above, on any given day.
Practitioners new to Mysore or new to yoga in general are entirely welcome in the Mysore class; do not
be intimidated if this structure is new to you! Because of the nature of the class and of the method, we do
require a one-month minimum commitment from new students.
The Mysore class is open from 6-10am. Students may arrive at any time, but must finish by 10am. We'll
chant the opening mantra at the start of class.


Introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa

This 2-week course will cover the basic principles of Ashtanga yoga and provide new students with a
solid foundation, so that they can join the Mysore class with confidence. We'll talk about how to establish a practice according to the correct method, and new students will become familiar with breathing technique, gazing point, and internal focus. We will practice proper alignment while learning and memorizing the initial postures of Ashtanga's Primary Series. By the end of the course, students will segue comfortably into the Mysore class.

$120 for 6 Sessions


Leilah Devi

Leilah Devi has been a devoted practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Sri. K Pattabhi Jois for 14 years, and has been teaching around the world for over a decade. Introduced to the lineage in Colorado by senior certified teacher Annie Pace, Leilah soon traveled to Mysore, India to practice with Pattabhi and Sharat Jois. Over the years Leilah has maintained a disciplined daily practice, returning to India multiple times for extensive study with several of the foremost Ashtanga teachers in the world. Leilah has completed five 6-month seasons serving as a plant-based chef at Purple Valley Yoga Centre in Goa, India, where she had the opportunity to practice with master teachers including Dena Kingsberg, Chuck Miller, Sharmila Desai, Laruga Glaser, John Scott, Mark Robberds, David Robson, David Swenson, Maty Ezraty, Kino MacGregor, and more. Leilah also continues to return to Mysore to practice with Guru Sharat Jois. She completed Ashtanga's challenging 3rd series (Advanced A) under the tutelage of David Garrigues in 2013, and has recently made her first forays into the 4th series (Advanced B).
Training as a teacher, Leilah completed Tim Miller's Primary Series Intensive in 2007, a month-long
“informal teacher training” while assisting Petri Raisanen in 2010 (and again in 2016), Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor's 200-hour Teachers' Intensive in 2016, and a month-long Teachers' Retreat with JoeyMiles in June 2018 (200-hours).
Leilah has also explored India as a seeker and pilgrim. She has journeyed to Dharamsala for in-depth
study of Vajrayana and Tantric Buddhism with Chamtrul Rinpoche, and has visited Shakti Piths and other
sacred sites in India in the spirit of devotion, spiritual endeavor, and awe.
Phew! After all that, Leilah is very happy to return to the Pacific Northwest and put down roots in her
home in Portland.
Leilah's approach in the Mysore room is firmly grounded in traditional Ashtanga, yet tempered with an
open mind. Her goal is to hold a space that is meditative,serene, and even lighthearted and fun, while still
honoring and cultivating the purifying fire and vigorous nature of the practice. Her intention as a teacher
is to be attentive, inspiring, compassionate, clear, and supportive.
In addition to yoga practice, Leilah is a StrongFirst-certified kettlebell instructor (SFG I), and a personal
trainer with over a thousand hours coaching experience. She is fascinated by where yoga and strength intersect. With an emphasis on form and technique, Leilah continues to delve into strength and
conditioning, with a personal practice that includes kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight calisthenics. She is currently enrolled in the Certified Personal Trainer program with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.